Introduction / exchange4media Conclave 2014

Marketing: The Future is Technology
The communications landscape has experienced a dramatic change over the past year across media, with consumers now creating their own content leading to decreased engagement on traditional advertising vehicles. As a result, there has been a shift in marketers' approach towards an evolving culture of confluence, wherein traditional methods of work must adapt to embrace and keep up with the flourishing reality of interactive content, emerging media, and new immersive consumption patterns.

This scenario has thrown in key challenges for agencies, who are struggling to find newer ways to connect with consumers whilst they grow, morph and react to cultural shifts; especially when it comes to creativity and ideas. The core challenges are re-inventing the old communications model and re-framing old methods  of storytelling through the lens of technology in the dynamic social media landscape. Is there indeed a happy confluence/ collaboration of the big idea and technology across media today? Is the way forward buying small digital/technology/content firms? Or is it creating add-on agency units to think digitally for clients? Are the agencies today able to overcome the silo mentality prevalent for years? The exchange4media Conclave 2014 will focus on discussions that will deliberate all aspects of these questions. 

What is e4m Conclave?
The exchange4media Group organises its flagship event exchange4media Conclave every year, as an attempt to bring industry stakeholders – corporates, media service brands and media owners – on the same platform to discuss the changing global communication industry, with specific focus on  India. The e4m Conclave is the only national forum that focuses on the media agencies side of the business.