Nominations invited by way of industry-wide mailers sent out through the exchange4media Group of publications


Poll data collected on the exchange4media server, and all responses received are validated by removal of duplicate votes and data cleaning. All valid responses from the poll are collated, throwing up a list of top contenders. This list is evaluated by the editorial team at IMPACT, to come up with the shortlist.


The contenders in the shortlist are rated by way of individual communication with senior industry leaders, to arrive at the list of six nominees for the award.


Final voting on the nominees by a select few from across the advertisement, media and marketing fraternity, on the basis of personal e-mail invites sent by IMPACT. On the basis of pre-decided parameters, the respondents vote for any of the nominees to be the IMPACT Person of the Year. The data from this round of voting is collated and analysed to arrive at the IMPACT Person of the Year 2016.