Award Categories      

101.Issues Management or Crisis Management
To recognize for the most effective management of an issue or crisis by a consultancy or in-house team or a combination of both. The objective, strategy and method deployed should be clearly set out.

102. Public Affairs 
To recognize the most effective us of PR to change or enlist political or public opinion utilizing either lobbying or broader grassroots public affairs tactics including media and online relations.

103.Most innovative use of Social Media 
To recognize the campaigns where the focus of activity was digital in nature.This includes PR led viral campaigns and social media campaigns on Twitter,facebook,MY Space,Youtube etc.

104. Integrated Campaign
To recognize campaigns in which Public Relations played a pivotal role and motivator alongside other disciplines such as advertising, promotions, digital, social media, consumer engagement etc. Atleast 3 of such disciplines or channels should have been used.

105.Continuous Campaign
A campaign which is running from last (3yrs).

2.Product & Promotion 

201.Entertainment, sports and lifestyle sector
This category is open to specialist campaigns including fashion, sports, arts, music PR recognizing the huge growth in this area of PR .

202. Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
To recognize the work or one-off projects undertaken by or on behalf of a pharmaceutical company relating to ethical use of drugs.

203. Financial Services Sector 
To recognize the most effective ongoing business or consumer campaign or one-off project undertaken by or on behalf of company operating in the financial services.(banking,mortgages,insurance,life insurance ) etc.

204. Technology 

To recognize the most effective ongoing business or consumer campaign or on-off project taken by or on behalf of a company operating specifically in technology sector (eg telecom,computers,dotcom)

205. Best use of PR by a Brand 

To recognize the public relations work that has played in a central role in brand strategy ,positioning and messaging.

206. Best Celebrity PR or PR used for individual image perception

3.Corporate & Public 

301. Public Sector 
To recognize the most effective campaign or communications programme carried out by government departments, local authorities, and public sector agencies and bodies.

302. CSR & Not-for-profit 
To recognize the most effective campaign or work for or by charity, voluntary, not for profit organization or a most effective CSR campaign/Social responsibility campaign.

303. Internal Communications 
To recognize the how ongoing strategic communication or a significant project have engaged internal stakeholders such as managers, employees and trade uniouns.

304. Best use of PR by a corporate
To recognize the best ongoing or one-off campaign on behalf of a corporate brand or organization.

Overall Excellence

4.People & Agencies
(Entries/Nomination from Jury & Advisory board)
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401.Young Consultancy of the Year
To recognize the work done by the PR agency. The agency should not be in existence for more than 24 months as on 31st March 2013.

402. Specialist Consultancy of the Year 
To recognize the work done by the PR agency and specialist division with a PR consultancy whose business is concentrated on a specific sector, whether an industry sector, a market segment or a PR discipline.

403. Young PR Professional of the Year
To recognize PR professionals in agency and in house team ,who are under the age of 30 years .Nominations sent by employers.
To recognize the PR agency which have carried or innovative campaigns for the client.

404. In House Team of the Year 
Open to any in-house team within the private and corporate sector, local government, government agencies, health authorities, trade unions and trade bodies as well within NGOs, charities or other not-for profit organisations.

405. Small PR Agency of the Year (Turnover less than Rs. 5 crore)
To recognize the small PR agency of the year in terms of the turnover ,financial growth, clientele list, staff retention and PR innovation.

406. PR Professional of the Year 

To recognize the outstanding professional performance made by an individual and /or contribution to the professional development and standings of the industry as a whole.

407. PR Agency of the Year

  • Growth over last year ( from 1st Feb 2012 to 31st March 2013)
  • Client acquisitiion
  • Talent acquisition
  • Shining moments
  • Peer evaluation
  • Employees feedback

408. Life time Achivement Award (Nominations only)
This award is established to honour the stalwart who has contributed to the emergence & growth of the PR & Corporate Communications Industry in India.

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