exchange4media is hosting its 3rd India Public Relations and Corporate communications Conference at The Metropolitan Hotel , New Delhi on the 22nd of March.

A platform to meet, connect and most importantly Communicate.

The Long term survival of organizations today involve strategic communication, crisis management and rebuilding trust by critically adapting to the ever changing media landscape

The Buzz word is change. Evolving Public relations and Communication to the next level and beyond.

Are we prepared for this evolution which already underway or is it Alice be walking through wonderland?

What are the lessons learnt from the past?

Are Numbers ruling the roost?

What is the next level?

Communicate 3.0 is an attempt to go beyond the storm in the tea cup. With representatives from the best in the industry of Public Relations and Corporate Communications putting forth the larger picture that scales outside the realms of perceptions alone. Alongside Clients from a wide spectrum of businesses including the emerging sectors in finance, healthcare and education voice their expectations for the industry to hear. Are we ready?