A.1 Network of the Year

The parent network and collaborator that played a pivotal role in development and enhancement of its reputation in the industry, by providing holistic marketing and communication assistance like content creation, digital advertising, proprietary tool development and other essentials. (Entries under this category can be through self-nominations via entry forms as well as nomination from the exchange4media team)

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A.2 Agency of the Year

An Agency under a major parent network that has proved its mettle by delivering exceptional media solutions to its clients, maintaining rock-solid retainers and winning new businesses on a regular basis.

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A.3 Innovative agency of the Year

The agency with the most ground-breaking creative media campaigns within the assessment period, thereby creating a highly effective marketing program for their clients. Also, retaining clients and enlisting new businesses on their roster.

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A.4 Regional Office of the Year

A proactive Agencies Regional office offeringmedia service to its clients within the assessment period in the form of exceptional media solutions, thereby maintaining retainers and new businesses.

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A.5 Specialized Unit of the Year

An indispensable unit of an agency belonging to a network that proved instrumental in providing top notch services/solutions particularly to its single client or a clutch of clients there by maintaining productivity.

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A.6 Specialized Agency of the Year

The Best agency, delivering the most effective media service solutions to its clients using one or two media services exhibiting strength in retaining their clients and growing new business.

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