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The e4m Media ACE Awards initiative is an attempt to recognize Indian media agencies for their work and contribution to the Indian media industry. In its second year, the Media ACE Awards will specifically cater to media service brands. The award-winning work in this area will demonstrate leadership and direction that has helped in molding the nation’s media landscape.

The Indian media industry has grown significantly over the past decade. While not much is written about it, much of the credit goes to media agencies and their professionals, whose vision has helped structure this space and its various facets through an ever-evolving landscape. Every year, media service brands employ, train and create leaders who contribute to the country’s communication industry.

Media agencies have turned into catchment areas for clients as well as media owners over the past few years.

Today, global counterparts are looking at Indian minds for leadership and direction. As an industry, it is important to recognize and award Indian media agencies and their professionals for their efforts; there is also a need to foster the growth of these agencies, and hence the industry at large; to celebrate the achievements of today, and to ensure stronger leaders for tomorrow.

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Deep Narayan: +91 95682 29721

Deep Narayan: +91 95682 29721

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