About NewsNext Conference

The news broadcast ecosystem is one of the most dynamic place to be, with the business of news in a state of continuous evolution. After a comprehensive feedback from the industry, exchange4media presents its annual conference NEWSNEXT 2016 on the business of news.

Suparnaa Chadda (Event Curator): suparnaachadda@exchange4media.com


For more information about NEWSNEXT, please contact:

Anjali Malhotra (Delhi) +91 7838233758 | anjali.malhotra@exchange4media.com
Nikita Vig (Delhi) +91 8860302087 | nikita.vig@exchange4media.com
Suparnaa Chadda (Event Curator) | Suparnaa.chadda@exchange4media.com

For sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Runa Sinha (Delhi) +91 9810497903 | runa.sinha@exchange4media.com
Ashish Kudalkar (Mumbai) +91 9820541742 | ashish.kudalkar@exchange4media.com
Sneha Walke (Beangaluru) +919845541143 | sneha@exchange4media.com

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