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1. Best Digital Branded Content (Non-Video)

Any audio, text and/or pictorial content created for digital platforms like social media, blogs, podcast sharing platforms, whitepapers, etc. to promote a brand/product/service can be entered this category. The campaign could be for single/multiple platforms.

2. Best Digital Branded Content- Video

Any video content (single/series) created to promote a brand/product/service on digital platform/s can be entered this category.

3. Best Content Marketing on TV

Any long or short format content either sponsored or created by client to promote its brand/product/services through television can be entered this category.

4. Best Content Marketing- Experiential

Any campaign which has used experiential marketing (online/on-ground) to promote a brand/product/service can be entered in this category. This includes on ground activations, trade activations, events, etc.

5. Best integrated Branded Content

Any campaign that has used audio, video, text or/and pictorial content across multiple digital and/or traditional platforms to promote a brand/service or product can be entered in this category. The focus should be cohesive trans-media story telling rather than just patching onto various mediums. The key is to link the content across all media to one story where the mediums are used effectively and not just to amplify the content.

6. Best content marketing on social media platform

Any campaign which has used single or multiple social media platforms (twitter/facebook/ linkedin/ instagram/pinterest/snapchat/etc) to address a brand challenge and/or to drive engagement can enter this category.This category will be judged based on the quality of content, coherence with brand values, and measurement of engagement by percentage and effective use of the platforms for distribution of the content.

7. Best content marketing on print

Any campaign that has used innovative ideas to drive conversations using print medium can be entered this category. How the medium has been leveraged to utilize the property is the key.

  • A coffee brand which has the smell of coffee integrated in a newspaper, a musical newspaper, masthead changed for a brand
  • Brand integration in editorial pieces of a magazine or newspaper

8. Best radio led branded content

Any campaign which has used radio as a medium to distribute content in which brand philosophies are very subtly integrated through story telling can be entered this category.

9. Best content marketing launch/relaunch

Any brand that has used content marketing to effectively launch or relaunch their products/services can enter this category.

10. Best content marketing annual plan

Any brand or agency which has an annual marketing and communications strategy (calendar) which is content driven can enter this category. Consistency and continuous effort is imperative. This could include film tie-ups, digital videos, print campaigns, podcasts, etc....
This category needs to be specifically supported by the following.

  1. Annual Calendar- Timeline of activities held round the year.
  2. Case studies which include:
    • Overall strategy
    • Objectives, execution and results of each activity
    • Overall impact on the brand

11. Best content marketing multi-year program

A content marketing campaign that has been run for more than 2 years can be entered in this category. This could include seasons, series, etc.

12. Best Character Led Branded Content

Any content led campaign which uses characters from movies, novels, etc can be entered in this category.

13. Best marketed branded content

This category focuses on how a particular piece of content or campaign was promoted using various media and how the platforms/channels were used for leveraging the marketing ecosystem to popularize the content.

14. Best use of mobile medium for marketing

Any brand/agency which has created content specifically for mobile or used mobile as a primary/secondary medium to promote its products/services through content marketing can enter this category. This may include the use of games, apps, cross-screen marketing, etc.

15. Best crowd sourced (user generated) content

Any content which is sourced through crowd to start conversations and increase brand engagement can enter this category. This category is all about how a brand/agency got the crowd to generate the content.

16. Young Gun Award

This category aims to recognise young talent in the content marketing domain. You can nominate either yourself or your colleagues for the award. Following are the criteria for qualification.

  • Nominees should be under 30 years of age as of 30th March 2017.
  • Nominee should have created path breaking innovative content.

17. Platinum Award

Entries are not invited for this category. All entrants will be given points based on the metals they win. Gold gets 10 points, Silver gets 7 and Bronze gets 3. The media/creative agency which gets the highest points will be given the ICMA Platinum Award.