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September 29,2016 | ITC Grand Central, Mumbai

Award Categories
  • A. Marketing Strategy
    • A1. Brand Recall

      A Mobile Marketing campaign whose primary objective is to build brand awareness and establish brand recognition. For example, has the brand grown/developed/been enriched by its engagement with mobile.

    • A2. Lead Generation

      A Mobile Marketing Campaign which has generated prospective customers, leads for the future engagement or impact sales and communicaions with the right target audience.

    • A3. Launch of Product/Service

      Campaigns that has used mobile to successfully launch and/or re-launch a product or service.

    • A4. Campaigns for Sales Promotion

      A Mobile Marketing Campaign that has led to a successful promotional campaign (contests, demonstrations, coupons, exhibitions/trade shows, games, sweepstakes, point-of-sale displays, merchandising, special offers etc.),resulting in increased customer activity and/or further engagement. Campaign should demonstrate mobile’s ability to reach a mass audience and change buying behavior.

    • A5. Relationship Building/Remarketing

      Campaigns that build or manage strong relationships with customers ,should be measured by an increase in customer loyalty and/or led to customer retention.

    • A6. Best use of Apps/Games for Marketing

      Applications/Games used to market a particular brand/product.

    • A7. Most Effective Campaign/App for Consumer

      Best campaign/app/ad done by publishers and app developers for consumer through mobile which can include various sectors like Entertainment, Travel& Tourism, Retail,Publishing, Financial services, etc.

    • A8. Campaign To Drive Sales

      Any mobile marketing campaign that directly results in sales of a product/service via mobile. The campaign should be focused only on mobiles to drive/increase sales which can include discounts/offers/gifts/etc to ensure increase in sale of their products through their mobile app/website. The success will be measured by the amount of sales done during the marketing campaign.

    • A9. Social/Not For Profit Campaign

      Best use of mobile to promote a social cause this may or may not be in sync with digital media**

  • B. Channel/Media Strategy
    • B1. Cross Media Integration

      Campaigns where mobile marketing was integrated as a core strategy with minimum 3 other media and communication channels. For example, TV, Print, Radio, Outdoor, PR, Direct Marketing, etc.

    • B2. In-App Advertising

      Use of various form of mobile advertising like banner, push ads, videos, full page ads , etc In-app.

    • B3. Mobile Applications

      Any mobile app that was created as part of an integrated mobile marketing strategy to either provide information, entertainment, productivity or utility as part of the customer experience

    • B4. Mobile Website

      Any mobile website (not an app) developed to provide an enhanced mobile experience to showcase a company, product, brand or service.

    • B5. Use of Social Media

      Campaigns featuring the use of social networks/communities on a mobile platform.

  • C. Enabling Technologies
    • C1. VOOT Innovation

      Campaigns featuring new or groundbreaking techniques and/or technologies to market a service or a product or even using existing technology in a new or unconventional way to promote product/service to engage customers or to increase sale

      NOTE: Top 5 finalists of this category will get a special opportunity to come and present their work in front of the jury on the day of the jury meet.

    • C2. VOOT Use of Integrated Payment / Mobile Wallet Solutions

      Marketing Campaigns with key strategy focused on driving transactions via Integrated Payment Solutions (IPS) / Mobile Wallets.
      Campaigns where online payment is promoted via IPS / Wallets. Judges will look at cohesiveness of use of Wallet / Payment solutions in overall campaign construct, Results achieved w.r.t cost incurred and effectiveness of campaign.

    • C3.VOOT Use of Rich Media / Video / Interactive Content

      Campaigns that increases customer experience and engagement with the brand using rich media technologies or video advertising or Interactive content or mix of them in a mobile environment. Judges will look for creativity in campaign creation centered around content, innovative use of content, results and impact of ad in terms of design, copy writing, use of the medium and memorability of the ad.

  • D. Hall Of Fame Awards
    • D1. Young Agency / Solution Provider Criteria

      (Entries invited)
      Agencies / Solution Provider Startups that have shown promise by innovating the way brands / themselves market on the mobile platform and promise new methods / much better use of new and existing tools to engage customers and create brand awareness and also increase sales. Agency / Solution Provider startup should be in operation for 3 years or under in this particular domain. Judges will look at Innovation quotient, the volume and the quality of work executed.
      NOTE: Entrant will get a special opportunity to come and present their work in front of the jury on the day of the jury meet.

    • D2. Mobile Marketer of the Year *

      (Entries not invited)
      Mobile Marketer of the Year is selected by the esteemed Judges from the maximum metals won in above categories.

    • D3. Agency of the Year *

      (Entries not invited)
      The mobile/ creative agency/ organisation that won the maximum metals in above categories.

    • D4. Mobile Person of the Year Criteria

      (Entries not invited, nomination only)
      A Mobile person of the year will be awarded to an individual who has contributed towards propelling the industry which helped re-define the mobile marketing viz. in any relevant area of medium innovation, measurement framework, brand impact etc. This individual can be anyone from the agency or a publisher,enabler,a media owner or an advertiser.‎

      * The winner will be decided on the basis of the total number of points won by the agency in the other categories; A.Marketing Strategy, B.Channel/ Media Strategy and C.Enabling Technologies

      Gold 10 points
      Silver 7 points
      Bronze 5 points

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