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Digital Marketing for Business transformation

The inaugural edition of Techमंच focuses on leapfrogging the digital marketing industry through small but defined steps. An attention deficit era, marketing clutter through fragmentation in a duopolised environment & lack of innovative and optimum utilization of a data information are just a few factors that contributed towards stunting the optimistic projected growth of the digital marketing industry. Techमंच offers specific, tangible and actionable solutions for brands and agencies to exploit and transform their businesses through unique digital marketing strategies. Register and gain from exclusive workshops defining finer nuances of effective marketing like influencer strategies and snappy visual story telling techniques. Learn from top ranking global influencers themselves about the key pillars of digital marketing & how to attract, retain & engage with genuine visitors, countering fake ads and fake traffic. And if this is not enough join the panel of luminaries’ discussing the challenges and tangible solutions for digital media advertising effectiveness & efficiency

    08:30 am 09:30 am
  • Visit to Exhibition & Networking Tea
    09:30 am 10.00 am
  • Introduction Techमंच Conference by Suparnaa Chadda , Curator & Editorial Consultant, exchange4media Group
    10.00 am 10.05 am
  • Welcome Address by Annurag Batra, Chairman & Editor-in-Chief, BW| Businessworld & exchange4media Group
    10.05 am 10.25 am
  • Keynote with Jeffrey Dachis, CEO and Founder, OneDrop (Co-Founder and Former CEO & Chairman Razorfish)
    TOPIC: The story of success from Transactional to transformational
    Map the journey of the beginnings of digital marketing to the creation of Razorfish.
    Further, deep dive into the history and evolution of digital brand performance marketing
    10.25 am 11.00 am
  • Keynote with Neeraj Kakkar, Co-founder and CEO, PaperBoat - Hector Beverages
    TOPIC: Bridging the gap between ancient wisdom with the convenience of technology, learn from the PaperBoat journey.
    As a company that packages, promotes and distributes traditional Indian beverages, Hector Beverages has become the fastest growing consumer goods brand in India. A brand that has leveraged indigenous wisdom with the convenience of technology. Hear the story of PaperBoat through its co-founder, Neeraj Kakkar.
    11.00 am 11.30 am
  • Networking Tea & Coffee
    11.30 am 12.00 pm
  • VSERV FIRE SIDE CHAT on 'Mobile Marketing in 2018: The Marketer's Wishlist'
    Dippak Khurana, Co-Founder and CEO, Vserv & VMAX
    Pawan Sarda , Group Head- Digital, Future Group
    12.00 pm 12.15 pm
  • Keynote Address by Jeff Bullas, CEO Pty Ltd (No.1 Global Digital Marketing Influencer 2016)
    TOPIC: 3 Key Pillars for Digital Marketing Success
    Learn how to stand out, break the clutter and stay relevant to your consumer. The reach to consumers is now linked to paid traffic through large publishers. Learn how to attract swarms of visitors without paying huge sums. Move towards the democratization of the fragmented online web. In this presentation you will discover:
    • The key sources of traffic that you need to build a successful online brand without paying Google or Facebook a cent.
    • The content you need to create that will grow credibility and trust
    • The two core strategies you need to master to convert traffic and trust into leads and sales
    12.15 pm 12.50 pm
  • Keynote Address by Donna Moritz, Social Media Strategist and Visual Marketing Specialist, Socially Sorted
    TOPIC: The Art of Visual Storytelling
    Get ready to think differently! Visual Content Strategist Donna Moritz will share the fundamental shifts in how audiences are experiencing content, and how to leverage this shift and empower your audience with visual storytelling. You'll learn how to use visuals to tell your brand story, whether through influencer marketing, user generated content, images, live video and more!
    12.50 pm 01.30pm
    01.30pm 02.30pm
  • WORKSHOP 1 by Donna Moritz, Social Media Strategist and Visual Marketing Specialist, Socially Sorted
    Hot Tools for Visual Storytelling: Learn about innovative tools and strategies for creating and sharing visual content, including tools that empower your team, employees and audience to share your brand story with visual storytelling.

    WORKSHOP 2 by Zoe Cairns, Trainer and Consultant
    Exploiting influencer marketing strategies with an international social media trainer & consultant

    02.30pm 3.20pm
  • MOZEO Session with Florian Lichtwald, VP Global Telecom Partnerships & Operations, Zeotap, APAC
    TOPIC: Deterministic Data in Mobile Changes Everything
    • The 3rd revolution: digital & data
    • Why mobile in India is indeed a special phenomenon
    • Media & Data: The Ying & Yang of Advertising
    • The gold rush around data
    • Mozeo is democratizing access to high-quality mobile data for targeting at scale
    • What is so special about telecom data?
    • Use cases around data and its value contribution
    3.20pm 3.30pm
  • CHEETAH PANEL : Mobile branding beyond Google & Facebook
    Are there options beyond Google and Facebook for mobile branding in India?
    • If yes, what?
    • Have the clients & agencies tried anything different?
    • Has it worked?
    • How important is mobile branding to clients & agencies?
    • Where we currently stand and what is the future for brands advertising in mobile.
    • How they need to diversify across all platforms (not only Facebook and Google)
    • Are their spends increasing on mobile?
    • Best use of case studies, if any

    Morden Chen (Session Chair), GM APAC, Cheetah Mobile
    Himanshu Agarwal, Marketing Manager (Digital), Reliance Mutual Fund
    Molly Kapoor, Head of Marketing, Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund
    Pankaj Parihar, VP & Digital Marketing Head, Godrej
    Shamsuddin Jasani, MD, Isobar
    Uma Talreja, Chief Digital Officer, Raymonds
    Vednarayan Sirdeshpande, Head of Audience Development, Discovery Networks
    Vinod Thadani, Chief Digital Officer, Mindshare

    3.30pm 4.10pm
  • PANEL: The Digital Vital Stats - Essentials of an effective measure of any digital strategy.
    While technology and digital strategies adopting innovating marketing is growing at lightning speed, a common measurement metrics determining the efficacy of such strategies is amiss. The panel of Brand & agency heads alike will deliberate on the challenges and solutions of an effective measurement of any digital strategy that they adopt.
    • The CMO impression of impressions, reach & # trending
    • How is a digital campaign measured
    • Can there be an all encompassing Common measurement metric?
    • How can one verify the efficacy of the data that the publishers themselves provide
    • Defining ROI: Real v/s Notional
    • The real story behind # trending, reach and impressions

    Ronita Mitra(Session Chair) Founder & Chief Strategist, Brand Eagle Consulting
    Hemal Vadera, Head - Advertising, Digital & Branding, Bajaj Electricals Ltd
    Prashanth Challapalli, Chief Integration Officer - South Asia The Leo Burnett Group
    Jeffrey Dachis, CEO and Founder, OneDrop (Co-Founder and Former CEO & Chairman Razorfish)
    Yateesh Srivastava, Managing Partner, Great Space and Partner, Firki Productions
    Zoe Cairns, Social Media Expert

    4.10pm 05.05pm
  • Twitter session with Rohan Noronha, Sr. Client Partner, Twitter
    05.05pm 05.15pm
  • Valedictory Address by Manoj Kumar, Managing Director & Area General Manager, ISC GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare
    05.15pm 05.40pm
  • Vote of thanks by Nawal Ahuja, Co Founder & Director, exchange4media Group
    05.40pm 05.45pm
  • Registration for Awards & Visit exhibition & Hi-Tea
    05.45pm 06:00pm
  • Gala Awards Ceremony followed by Dinner & Cocktails

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