Indian Digital Media Awards 2017

The objective of the Indian Digital Media Awards 2017 is to recognize, celebrate and encourage the work being done in the ever-growing advertising and marketing communications activity in the digital media space... specifically, internet, mobile, gaming, social media and the blogosphere.

Why you should enter?


Winning or being shortlisted for an IDMA Award is a fantastic achievement; a huge boost to all who worked on the campaign or within your business. But it’s much more than that – it’s tantamount to prove that Your Campaigns Work.

In these turbulent financial times, when threats of budget cuts are all around, you need to be able to offer concrete evidence to your board, your clients, employees, stakeholders and prospective clients that you know their business and your business inside out and that you have created a campaign that ticked all the vital boxes.

If your campaign was a great success and you can prove it, now is your opportunity to gain the recognition that you and your team deserve.

Ten reasons why should you put your campaign in for an IDMA2017 awards
  1. Digital Excellence Acknowledged
  2. Recognizes Effectiveness
  3. Convinces the Board, your decisions were the right ones
  4. Motivates and Rewards Teams
  5. Engenders Pride
  6. Creates Great PR Opportunities
  7. Claim your place in Web history
  8. Helps to Secure Future Projects
  9. Stamp of Approval From Peers
  10. You can’t win if you don’t enter

Convinced? If you need any more persuading, please take a minute to see IDMA16 winners

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